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June 2009: Rosé

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Rosé is doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s part of the fun.  It’s pink in every hue.  It’s seasonal and shows up just when you need something refreshing to drink.  It’s cool, it’s fruity, and it’s affordable.  In the last decade, dry rosé has taken off in the US.  What’s fun for those of us who enjoy drinking it is it can be simple-dimple enjoyment on a hot summer day, or there can be some subtle, slightly more serious wine drinking going on.  Check out the tasting notes:

By the way, France – home of rosé – stole the show, but then again they have a lot of practice.  As regions around the world start to dabble in rosé they’ll become competitive too.

EXCELLENT (90-94 points)
Chateau Val Joanis 2008 Rosé
(91 points)
Region: Luberon, France; Varietals: Syrah/Grenache; Retail:  $15
Notes:  Orange copper hue. Big aromas of nectarine & red apples. Creamy with luscious tropical fruits – pears, pineapple and subtle watermelon. Acids could be a little more present – but overall, lovely. (Gina)
Notes:  Nearly colorless. Subdued, white wine aromas (steely) but also hints of plums. Nice flavors, lychee and other tropical fruit. (Matt)

Domaine Saint Roch les Vignes 2008 Rosé (91 points)
Region: Provence, France; Varietals: Cinsault/Grenache; Retail:  $16
Notes: Copper color. Honeydew melon & a touch of strawberry on the nose. Melon echoes on the palate. Grapefruit on the back palate leads to a crispy and minerally finish that lingers. (Chris)
Notes:  Color: light pink, bunny nose pink. Nose: clean & minerally, pink quartz, hints of fresh fennel & orange zest. Palate: bright acidity, pink lemonade, fennel, tastes like summer picnics. (Ken)

Triennes 2008 Rosé (91 points)
Region: Provence, France; Varietals: Cinsault/Grenache; Retail:  $18
Notes:  The lightest pink color I’ve ever seen. Mint aromas incredible! Intense strawberries and raspberries on the palate. The finish is long and beautiful. (Fernando)
Notes:  Peach pink color. Beautiful aromas & flavors of sweet strawberries, honey dew melon. Beautiful, smooth, velvety texture with perfect acidity. Elegant and very focused. Great finish. Fantastic rosé. Provence again! (Jens)

VERY GOOD (85-89 points)
Alois Lageder 2008 Rosé
(89 points)
Region: Alto Adige, Italy; Varietals: Lagrein; Retail:  $20
Notes:  Pale orangey color. Muted fragrance of mixed spices. A pleasing tartness accompanied by full body and balanced alcohol make for an enjoyable wine. (Matt)
Notes:  Color: cherry soda. Nose: ripe raspberry and pomegranate. Slight rosemary herbal notes. Palate: ripe cranberry & raspberry fruit. Bold & fruity but balanced with a savory herbal & mineral side. (Ken)

Domaine Ott 2008 les Domanieres Rosé (88 points)
Region: Provence, France; Varietals: Grenache/Syrah/Mourvedre; Retail:  $21
Notes:  Golden peach color. Just beautiful. Aromas of strawberries and melon. Smooth, velvety texture. Well-balanced and structured. Great integrated acidity. Strawberry and melon flavors continue through the refreshing finish. Hint of some herbs, maybe thyme. (Jens)
Provence, baby!
Notes:  Honeydew melons and watermelon on the nose. Clipped on the finish. (Chris)

Spindrift 2008 Spinmaker Rosé (86 points)
Region: Willamette Valley, OR; Varietals: Pinot Noir; Retail:  $13
Notes:  Hints of red berries and a dusting of cinnamon on the nose. Bright citrus on the palate, though quite lean in the fruit expression. Hints of cinnamon spice come through on the finish. Crafted for food more than the patio quaffer. (Theresa)
Notes:  Nose: orange zest, pennies (coppery note), the distant aromas of a strawberry field. Palate: tastes a little aged, a little oxidized, hibiscus tea, bitter orange, slightly unripe watermelon. (Ken)

Mulderbosch 2008 Rosé (85 points)
Region: Stellenbosch, South Africa; Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon; Retail:  $14
Note the strong responses to this wine which was across the board:
Cherry color. Intense aroma of strawberries. Clean A bit of jest on the nose. Flavor: summer berries, great medium body, delicate but yet intense finish. (I got the idea this is made out of Cabernet Sauvignon or something like that.)  (Fernando, 90 points)
Notes:  Smokey, flinty nose … sulfur – not what I like in a rosé. Ashy flavors are also on the palate … unfortunately not enjoyable or refreshing.  Lacks all fruit. (Theresa, 76 points)

Chateau Pesquie 2008 Terrasses Rosé (85 points)
Region: Southern Rhône, France; Varietals: Cinsault/ Grenache/Syrah; Retail:  $15
Notes: Pretty amber pink color. One of the more feminine noses yet. White flowers, fresh red fruits. Flavors are bold and finish on the spicy side. More acid than I like, but great juicy strawberries. (Gina)
Notes: Light peach color. Touch of honey mustard on the nose. Dryer compared with other ones. Great for ceviche, raw salmon dishes, a bit of bitterness at the end. Long finish. (Fernando)

GOOD (80-84 points)
Domaine de la Petite Cassagne 2008 Rosé
(84 points)
Region: Costieres de Nimes, France; Varietals: Cinsault/Grenache; Retail:  $14
Notes: Raspberry color. Nose: cherry and oddly enough … banana. Big fruit and alcohol. For a rosé, this has almost blackberry flavors, followed with citrus & spice. Definitely for the fruity crowd. (Gina)

Airfield 2008 Foot Stamped Rosé (82 points)
Region: Yakima Valley, WA; Varietals: Syrah; Retail:  $16
Notes: Very dark. Lots of skin contact. Bubble-gum aromas upfront. Rich, deep and dark.  Seems a little bit hot to me.  The alcohol overshadows the fruit. (Jens)

Fuente del Conde 2008 Rosé (81 points)
Region: Cigales, Spain; Varietals: Tempranillo; Retail:  $14
Notes:  Hints of flint, sulfur, slate on the nose … then smells like a gooey cherry dessert.  Cherries and tart grapefruit dominate the palate. (Theresa)

June 2009 Tasting Circle Panel:  Jens Strecker, Gina Gregory, Theresa Slechta, Ken O’Hara, Matt Gubitosa, Fernando Martinez, Chris Nishiwaki

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